"Anyone close to us knows how hard sleep has been to come by with Briar the last 18 months. We hired Erin last month to be our sleep consultant and she has been the biggest blessing to our family! Briar would be up 8 to 12 times a night, not fall asleep without being rocked or held, and was just restless all night. Now? She goes down with no fuss, sleeps 10-12 hours a night, takes almost an hour and a half nap, and wakes up SO happy. Briar will even go so far as to TELL me she wants to go "night-night." I will recommend her to anyone and everyone that is struggling with regards to sleep training their children. She is so kind, so patient, so encouraging, and a true delight to work with. Erin, we can't thank you enough for all of your help these last few weeks! We are so appreciative!"

-Haylee H.

"I was in a bad place with my daughter when I finally decided to seek help. My 20 month old had never slept through the night, was still breastfeeding to sleep and had become abusive (biting, hitting and pinching) to avoid going to sleep. My arms were covered in bruises! My daughter would wake up 2-3 times a night and I had to nurse her back to sleep. I was exhausted and frustrated. Many nights it would take me over an hour to put her to sleep and I would leave her room crying. This was a whole new territory for me as my 6 year old slept through the night at 8 weeks and has been a perfect sleeper ever since. We had tried "cry it out" method and it didn't work for us as our daughter would throw up if she got too worked up. After doing an internet search I stumbled upon Erin Leetzow and I am SO glad I did. Erin was wonderful to work with, she was patient, understanding, flexible and most importantly she was available! She answered all my questions (and there were a lot!) right away! Anything that needed tweaking, we worked on together. I never felt alone in the process; rather I felt supported and encouraged! It's been about 3 weeks since I started working with Erin and I've seen a significant difference! My daughter goes to sleep in about 10-15 minutes and SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! She is happier and I am happier and I owe it all to Erin!! I would highly recommend Erin Leetzow and her wonderful services! I am one satisfied customer!!!"

- Sherrie C.

"The 2 year sleep regression hit our household hard! My daughter started waking up really early in the mornings and skipping naps. She was not herself during the day because she was overtired. After struggling for several months, I decided to reach out to Erin. She helped us log and keep track of a schedule to help get everyone back on track! I would definitely recommend her help!"

- Kathleen G.

"We had hired Erin to help with our (then 5 month old) son. After working with her, he's an amazing sleeper, on a great schedule, and just so much happier! It's been wonderful for our whole family. Erin was really prompt and super helpful! She went above and beyond to figure out what worked best for our son. We would highly recommend her!"

-Gail C.

"Erin was absolutely amazing! Henry was transitioning to a big kid bed early due to climbing out of his crib. When Erin started helping us Henry was getting up 4 plus times at night and almost impossible to get back to sleep.  He now goes to sleep indecently and wakes maybe once a night.  She completely saved us! Thank you Erin!"

-Elizabeth W.

“Erin was so great to work with! She was very responsive and helpful at a time where we were very sleep deprived and at our whits end. Erin took the time to answer our many questions and was readily available to answer any questions we had. Her sweet nature and words were very comforting and we were grateful to have her.”

- Kristen L.

"Our 11 month old went through a sleep regression and Erin was able to help us immediately.  Our daughter was able to fall asleep on her own and sleeping through the night within a few days of using Erin’s recommendations.  She was wonderful to work with and responded promptly to our questions. We have already recommended her to other parents!"

- Rachel K.

"My 20 month old started waking up several times in the night hysterical and unable to fall back asleep for hours. We had a newborn as well and were desperate for sleep. After a long night of research, I stumbled upon Erin’s website and decided to reach out to her. Within days and after a few changes, our daughter was falling asleep and staying asleep without a fight AND without her beloved bedtime bottle. As a result of better sleep, our toddler is eating and behaving better than I’ve ever seen. Erin was very informative, professional and responded very quickly. She did an incredible job and we will absolutely be using her in the future with our other kids."

-Chandler G.  

"Erin was a lifesaver! Our 6 month old was waking 10+ times a night and had never slept well her whole life. Erin gave us all the tools we needed to adjust our schedule and habits. Once we all got the hang of things, we are sleeping much better. She now has Minimal wake ups and is able to put herself back to sleep when she does wake up. What once were daily short naps (45 mins) have now turned into 90 minute naps! Erin helped us adjust things each day and stayed with us until we figured out what worked best for our baby. Highly recommend to all sleep deprived parents!"

-Alex H.

"We had a great experience!! We wanted a very gentle no cry approach and that’s exactly what we got! And by the end of the week our daughter is going to bed much earlier, staying asleep throughout the night, and waking up later! Most importantly she is sleeping independently now, which means me and my husband have a little bit of our lives back!"

- Meredith J.

"Our daughter slept through the night but our son is another story, which is why having a personalized sleep plan is so helpful! Erin has several years of experience working with children and families and she is very knowledgeable! She has answered all our questions thoroughly. My wife and I definitely recommend her to others looking for a sleep training program."

- Steven K.

"As a new mom, my son was waking at all hours of the night and was in desperate need of sleep! Erin helped us feel prepared and confident teaching our son to sleep through the night. In addition, she helped us establish a nap routine! She was super informative every time I texted her and made sleep training way less stressful! As our son got older his needs evolved and she was so knowledgeable about every phase whether it be napping, wake times or sleep times. I highly recommend her services!" 

- Bridget C.