4 months to 4 years of age 

U.S. only

Full support packages include:

  • An intake form so I can gather as much information as possible about your sleep situation 

  • A personalized and detailed sleep plan that includes two methods you can choose from, science behind sleep, schedules, routines, environment factors/guidelines and any other relevant tips specific for your situation

  • A sleep log to help everyone keep track of days and nights

  • 14 or 21 days of unlimited support by email and/or Voxer voice and text messaging within business hours

  • Moving forward guide with tips on handling illness, vacation, wake times moving forward, etc.

  • 3 follow up emails for future use that do not expire

Every child and situation is different. Sleep is not one size fits all. I take into account your child's age, personality, and your parenting philosophy when I make your personalized plan. Take a look at the testimonials page to see how I have helped other families!

30% off on full support packages for a limited time!

$154 $220 - 14 days of support by email

$175 $250 - 14 days of support by email                             and Voxer text/voice messaging


$210 $300 - 21 days of support by email

$242 $345 - 21 days of support by email                           and Voxer text/voice messaging


* Voxer is a "walkie talkie" messaging app that is a quick and easy download if you choose to use it.


Small support package is for situations where full support is not needed. It does NOT include a sleep plan. Great for children who are already independent sleepers with a small issue or returning clients. It includes 7 days of emails within business hours.


* Contact for booking, returning client rates and additional weeks or siblings.


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