What Does Sleep Consulting Entail?

As a sleep consultant, I am there to only change any aspects of your child’s sleep that you would like changed! Once you fill out the intake form I get to work on your sleep plan that will cover every detail on how to get your child to sleep better. I take into account your child's age, temperament and your parenting philosophy. The sleep plan will include many different areas such as routines, schedules and science behind your child’s sleep. From there, I will be there for 2 to 3 weeks to make any necessary changes to the plan.


Can’t I Just Read a Book Instead of Hiring a Consultant?

Although books may be helpful in some areas, sleep training is far too vast of a subject for books to ultimately be helpful. Sleep training methods are dependent on many factors, so books cannot take that into account for you. Consultants can make a much more condensed but precise version for your situation specifically. We also take the guesswork out for you when something is not working, which the books also cannot do. One of the best parts of hiring a consultant and my favorite part, is we are always there to celebrate with you when you start seeing progress!

Will My Child Cry During Sleep Training?

The great thing about sleep training and hiring a consultant is that there are different methods we can use. So if one method is not working there are more to choose from. We will never use the tactic of leaving your child to cry until they fall asleep! It is ultimately up to you how much you want to be involved with the methods. It is important to note though that not all tears are avoidable. Crying is the only way they can communicate to you that they do not know what to do with this new change. They now have to find a new way to fall asleep and they are frustrated with it. We will just be comforting them in a new way instead during training and this will still be effective. 

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